Press: Bo Bedre Design Handbook, Norway


Today’s wonderful press comes from the interior magazine BO BEDRE. They have produced a Design Handbook summarizing the greatest design icons of all time, and in it they have featured our local Norwegian design hero Peter Opsvik. Opsvik has designed several chairs in our collection, and in the scans above you can see our iconic Variable Balans kneeling chair, the Gravity Balans as well as the Multi Balans. Here are some memorable passages from the article titled:

Our Own Big Star

“If you take a walk along any city promenade in a large city you will find street artists, often wrapped in gold, standing completely still. The crowds that surround this performer is fascinated by this complete lack of movement. To be completely static is just as unbelievable as the most breakneck acrobatic stunts. For humans movement is something natural and basic.  It is exactly this thought that surrounds most of Peter Opsviks chairs. Movement and dynamic lies in human nature and this is something your furniture should take into account. 

Peter Opsvik attempts through all of his work to change paradigms of sitting and the chair as an item of furniture. To sit doesn’t necessarily mean to be static. On the contrary the chair should facilitate movement. Any comfortable sitting position will become uncomfortable if you sit in it for too long. The key to a good sitting position – and less back pains – is that one moves. 

The fact is that we are sitting more and more. Our active past as physical workers has been replaced with a passive lifestyle in a sitting position. We sit in our car, at work, and at home in front of the television.  Constant technological improvements are leading to less and less physical activity.  Opsvik sees two solutions to this problem. First, we have to sit less. Secondly, we have to vary our sitting positions as often as possible. 

One of his most well known furniture designs is the chair Variable Balans. The support on the legs and the rocking motion gives an active and balanced sitting position that alternates between relieving and activating the muscles in the back and stomach …. “What is a chair? Does it need back support?” Opsvik attempts to change our perception on seating furniture.


The Variable Balans

Norwegian Peter Opsvik is passionate about movement and dynamics, something that is very clear in his designs.


BO BEDRE Design Handbook 2013

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