Get to know the Kokon chair designed by Thomas Pedersen

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  The Kokon was designed by Danish furniture designer Thomas Pedersen. This chair happens to be one of my personal favorites as it isn’t too big and can be very much identified with what most people nowadays think of as Scandinavian furniture design. The chair has a simple and clean retro-inspired look, but it can be instantly made more contemporary with the use of bright fabrics (see example of this at the end of the entry).

kokon sketch

Sketch of the Kokon chair by furniture designer Thomas Pedersen

Kokon high res with foot stool_edited-1

The best thing about Varier chairs is that they are always designed with the user in mind. While most furniture manufacturers either focus on ergonomics or design, Variers design philosophy means that the chair is specifically designed to be incredibly comfortable to sit in. It sounds so obvious, but I cannot express how many design-chairs that I have tried that are pleasurable to look at but not as pleasurable to actually sit in.

brightThe Varier Kokon in a contemporary and bright textile displayed at the store Hoefsloot Woonen in Holland

I can picture the Kokon chair in everything from a modern and cool office space to a family home so I am quite excited to think where this design is going to end up. Recliner chairs aren’t something that people buy every day, in fact very few are bought in the span of a lifetime. I’m quite sure that the Kokon is going to be remembered by many as a favorite.

You can see furniture designer Thomas Pedersen’s  website here

                                                                                                                                                                                          -Ingrid Holm

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